The city of kiel police department is a wisconsin law enforcement accredited core standards law enforcement agency that provides 24 hour police coverage for the citizens of kiel. (1)

Shop with a Cop Program

The Shop with a Cop program takes children who might not have such a bright holiday season, due to family problems or recent hardships, to a great party with Santa and then onto a shopping trip at Wal-Mart where each child is allowed to purchase $100.00 worth of items.
This program helps to build an important positive relationship between the children and law enforcement, as well as help during a trying and stressful time of the year for families.  Each child is teamed up with a uniformed officer throughout the evening.  We try to encourage the children to buy the essential items first (coats, shoes, needed clothing), before hitting the toy aisles.  They also may surprise us with their generosity by using some of their money to purchase a gift for a family member.  The program costs the children nothing.
We have received an outpouring of support for this program from the local business community, as well as local citizens.  The money used to provide this program for the children came from donations and fund-raisers put on by the police department.
If you have any questions regarding this program, contact the program coordinators, Chief Joseph Jeanty or Captain James Blanke at 920-894-2211 or by email by clicking on their name.